Our Skilled Designers and CUSTOM DRAWER Builders know that choosing a CUSTOM DRAWER can be an overwhelming experience, so we have created the most interactive website the world has to offer giving you over 20 different options to help you make the right choice. If you still can’t make your mind up, you can look below at some of the CUSTOM DRAWERS we have already built for our happy customers.

Our sales team and Founder (Troy McCade) are here to help you make the right choice, with industry knowledge of over 25 years behind him Troy knows what is going to be the best choice for you and your adventures. Our systems are made from a 17mm Birch Hexaply Plywood Material and have a Hard Wax Oil for that extra layer of protection to make your CUSTOM DRAWERS last the test of time. 

Have a look at some of our already-built CUSTOM DRAWERS below or you can have a go at our Interactive Builder via the link below, our interactive builder is there to help you see what you might want in your car, give you ideas and then we can help you fine tune the last few details to make your experience as smooth as a nice whisky.

If you have any questions, make the right choice and call Troy on his Mobile 0499 200 342  or email us today sales@customdrawers.com.au. It won’t take long to see what separates CUSTOM DRAWERS from every other drawer system company. 

Here are a few key thoughts to think about when choosing your next CUSTOM DRAWER system.

  1. Does your wagon lift up tailgate make a high system hard to open a chest fridge?
    Most wagons tend to have a lift up tailgate and anything bigger than a fridge slide height will make it harder to open the lid.
  2. Would a stand up fridge make it easier to access my food/drinks?
    Having direct access to opening a door is a lot easier than lifting the lid on a chest, but this is also a lot taller than a chest fridge. 
  3. Will my fridge fit in my boot?
    Most people buy the biggest fridge and sometimes, some cars just don’t have the room.
  4. Do I need a second battery to run a fridge in my car?
    The fridge can run off factory accessory sockets, but it will only be powered when the car is running, so we recommend a second battery. 
  5. Do I want any extra sockets in my drawer system for charging phones etc?
    We have a switch panel called a Crazy Riks Panel which has 2 x 12v sockets, 2 x USB sockets and 5 x Toyota style switch blanks for lights, inverter and compressor switches. 
  6. Do you want an induction cooker in your system?
    To run an induction cooker you will want to have a 2000w inverter and at minimum 200ah battery. You may also want to have a solar panel on your roof. 
  7. What do I want to store in my CUSTOM DRAWERS?
    This will make the biggest challenge as to what you put in your drawers and how big you need the drawers to be. Choose wisely, if you are unsure of how much room is in a drawer, please call us and we can talk you through it. 

What Makes our Drawers

  • 17mm Hexaply - Consist of Birch Plywood core with a more affordable, robust Plywood. Crafted from a mix of durable hardwood and a rugged exterior laminate, this tough wearing product ensures slip-free surfaces every time. The Hexa Pattern is double sided adding a super cool finish to your CUSTOM DRAWERS.
  • Out Carpet is durable flat pile Automotive/Marine cover and  lining that's suitable for a variety of applications. Available in  charcoal, Encore II is manufactured to ensure durability and ease of maintenance. Its made from a Polyester Material and has a weight of 350 GSM
  • We use Tensor Grip T65 for our bonding glue for the Carpet to Timber, Tensorgrip® T65 is a high temperature headlining and interior fit out adhesive designed specifically for the Australian environment. With an effective bonding range between -16˚C and 120˚C this revolutionary new adhesive can handle anything this country can throw at it.
  • All our Drawer Runners are 227kg heavy duty locking drawer slide. Tough and robust and great for working or leisure environments utes, vans, camper trailers. Locking mechanism holds tight when closed and at full extension, providing you with security and optimal access.

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