How we construct our Drawers
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Being a Hand Made product we are not interested in Mass Production. We take our time with our Builds to make sure they are of the finest quality. Being able to put every screw in fast or drill every hole in the system quickly doesn’t mean its a well built system. We find that when you take your time, do it correctly the quality ends up far more superior than all the others. Being able to feel every piece of timber before we cut it to insure there are no warps or imperfections before we screw them together. This way we can ensure we stick to our quality name. Fit My 4WD Custom Drawer, The Hand Crafted Perfection Series. 

Starting with 1220×2440 12mm and 18mm Hardwood ply, make all the measurements and cut all the panels to size that we require for the build. Once all the panels are cut to shape we countersink the drill holes to ensure none of the screws are exposed. All holes are pre drilled, measure and templated out to make sure all systems come out the same as each. 

All our systems are hand built, this way we get to feel the wood, we can make sure that each and every piece is made perfectly. We have never been one to leave anything up to a computer, We find we can make sure that each and every screw, each and every cut is absolutely perfect and goes into the timber just the way we want it. 


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